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Tourism in Charente-Maritime

Rochefort sur Mer

Visit Rochefort-sur-Mer “New town of the 17th century” labelled “Town of Art and History”. The famous maritime city is home to a rich historical and architectural heritage, in particular the Arsenal Maritime where many ships of the Royal Navy were built during 300 years…

Visit the Rochefort Arsenal, the “Versailles of the Seas”

The Corderie Royale and the Centre International de la Mer: permanent and temporary exhibitions on the longest factory in Europe in the 17th century where ropes were manufactured for the Navy from 169 to 1867…

The Marine Museum: a fine collection of old models of ships and machines, as well as tools, paintings and weapons from the period. All the history of the techniques, the political stakes and the military strategies, the conditions of life on board and in the arsenal are told to you…

The Hermione Shipyard: discover an incredible adventure that began in 1997, that of the reconstruction of the frigate Hermione, the ship that allowed La Fayette to support the American insurgents during the war of independence.

The Jardin des Retours: follow the footpaths and cycle paths along the Charente and admire a rich natural and architectural heritage…

visiter Rochefort-sur-mer
espace aquatique Charente Jonzac

The Antilles of Jonzac

Just an hour’s drive from the campsite in Charente-Maritime, the Antilles aquatic centre in Jonzac combines sport, games and fitness. On the agenda for your day: a stroll in the tropical greenhouse, relaxing on the sandy beach, a gourmet break in the panoramic restaurant, relaxation in the fitness centre, a beauty break in the institute… and much more…

The tropical lagoon is an area dedicated to swimming. In ideal water temperature, relax in the wave pool with a giant 60-metre slide and a jacuzzi area.

Other leisure and relaxation activities are available: sports pool, slide, sandy beach, outdoor solarium, waterfall spa, beach bar, wellness and aqua fitness pool, sauna park, cold baths, hot marbles, individual spas, cardio-fitness mezzanine (free to use), beach volleyball court, tropical garden and green areas…

The Marennes Oléron Basin

Discover the Marennes basin and get a breath of fresh air during your camping holiday. Linger in Saint-Sornin, Le Gua, Nieulle sur Seudre, Saint-Just-Luzac, Hiers-Brouage, Marennes and Bourcefranc-Le Chapus…

The Marennes basin offers great opportunities for visits and discoveries through a wide choice of leisure activities and a varied programme of events throughout the summer!

The Marennes basin has a rich and remarkably preserved historical heritage such as the citadel of Brouage between Rochefort and the island of Oléron, a stone wall rises up, punctuated by emblematic watchtowers, or Fort Louvois, a 17th century maritime fortification located in Bourcefranc-Le Chapus, at the foot of the bridge on the island of Oléron.

If you have a little time, you can also climb the bell tower of the church of Marennes (85 m) with a breathtaking view over the oyster basin.

The Jardin des Retours: follow the footpaths and cycle paths along the Charente and admire a rich natural and architectural heritage…

Marennes Oléron basin
visiter château de la Gataudière

In Marennes, visit the Château de la Gataudière

The De La Gataudière Castel is in pure 18th century style, entirely furnished with Louis XIII, Regency and Louis XV furniture.

You will discover the General-in-Chief of the Engineers of the Grande Armée, the Minister of the Navy and the Colonies of Napoleon III and their ancestry with the imperial family of Bonaparte and the King of Naples, His Highness Prince Murat de Chasseloup Laubat.

Abbaye aux Dames de Saintes

Founded in 1047 by Geoffroy Martel and his wife, this Benedictine abbey was the first community of women in the region and its prestige was great until the

Revolution, despite the hazards of the Wars of Religion.

The Ladies’ Abbey in Saintes was transformed over the years into a hospital, a prison and then a barracks. Now remarkably restored, it has come back to life through intense musical and cultural activity.

Not to be missed: with its sumptuous 17th century monastic buildings, witnesses to history, the abbey is a major site of Romanesque art in Saintonge.

visit holy ladies' abbey
visiter château de la roche Courbon

The Castle of La Roche Courbon

Located in the commune of Saint-Porchaire, 16 km north of Saintes, this castle dates back to the 15th century, although it was greatly modified in the 17th century. It was built by Jehan II de Latour in 1475, who wanted a defensive castle. It was therefore erected in the middle of the marshes in the shape of a triangle.

The name La Roche Courbon first appeared in the 17th century. Jean-Louis de Courbon, then owner of the castle, transformed it and surrounded it with magnificent formal gardens. He had high windows cut out, created a gallery overhanging arches, and added a horseshoe-shaped staircase to access the gardens.

It was not until the 18th century and Sophie-Jacques de Courbon Blenac that further improvements were made to the castle (stone staircase leading to the upper floors and wrought iron gates in the gardens).

As a result, the castle fell into oblivion. But in 1908, Pierre Loti published a call for help in the Figaro to save what he called “The Sleeping Beauty Castle“. One of his friends, Paul Chenereau, bought the house in 1920 and used all his fortune to bring this superb building back to life, adding a typically Charente-inspired decoration (earthenware from Saintes, La Rochelle and Aunis; maie, oak table, china cabinets?)

Today, the current owners of the château are the children of Paul Chenereau. They carefully maintain their heritage, but have to deal with the problems caused by the surrounding marshes which regularly destroy the gardens. This requires the use of pilings covered by a floor to stabilise masonry, gardens, trees and other plantings.

visit to the castle of la roche Courbon
visiter donjon des Pons

The dungeon of Pons

Pons, a medieval town in Haute Saintonge, has preserved from its glorious past the Donjon which dominates the town, its ramparts, the church of Saint-Vivien, the chapel of Saint-Gilles, the Pilgrims’ Hospital (listed as a World Heritage site), all perfectly preserved 12th century monuments.

Major renovation work has been carried out at the hospital. Now restored, the sick room and the adjoining medieval garden have regained the appearance of the pilgrims’ halt described by Aimery Picaut in the 13th century.

Pons – Dungeon of Pons

Tel. +33 5 46 91 46 46

Discover Rochefort – musée national de la Marine

The National Maritime Museum is housed in the Hôtel de Cheusses, the former residence of the Commanders of the Navy and one of the oldest buildings in the city.

It strives to share the richness of maritime culture with everyone and opens up the imagination of travel and adventure.

visiter musée nationale de la marine Rochefort
visiter ancienne école de médecine navale Rochefort

Former Naval Medical School

Visit the former Naval Medical School

25, rue de l’Amiral Meyer – 17300 Rochefort

Joint ticket for both institutions. Guided tours only.

Information at +33 5 46 99 59 57.

Not to be missed:

Most of the rooms in the Hôtel de Cheusses have retained their woodwork from the 1770s, which was made for the Commandant de la Marine by the workers of the arsena.

Your stay near Saint-Césaire

A valley classified as Natura 2000, and a Natural Zone of Ecological, Faunistic and Floristic Interest (ZNIEFF).

There are plenty of springs that feed the fountains with their washhouses and the old mills.

Numerous remains of hydraulic management works on the river “le Coran” bear witness to centuries of water control and management.

The historical and prehistoric riches of the commune show that it has been inhabited since the dawn of time.

The singing of the birds and the trickling of the water stop time for a moment in these preserved places.
There are many sports and leisure activities in Saint-Césaire.

A link of about 70 km of footpaths and hiking trails to get some fresh air make the happiness of hikers, horse riders and mountain bikers.

They link the neighbouring communes, extending to the main towns in the heart of the Saintonge

sport à saint Césaire Charente
visiter saintes et la Saintonge

Visit Saintonges

Are you looking for rural escapades and unexpected discoveries?

At the bend of warm villages, this bucolic route will take you to the places that have made up the art of living, the history and the prestige of Saintonge: castles, abbeys, towns, museums

Let yourself be surprised by the magic of the place!
Push open one of the doors of the exceptional sites on the Saintonge treasure trail. Let yourself be surprised by the magic of the Treasures of Saintonge.

Discover our aquatic area, the seaside and the animations of our campsite