Camping Charente-Maritime » Royan 3ème Journée

Royan – Day 3

Take advantage of this day to go for a walk along the coastal path.

Departing from the Concié beach, you will head towards Royan. This walk promises you an iodised air and the discovery of curiosities.

Auture’s well

A few hundred metres from the Concié beach, you will discover a hole in the rock called “Le Puit de l’Auture”. The waves rush in at high tide. It is said that the rumbling that can be heard is that of the voices of two lovers who voluntarily drowned in the face of the incomprehension of their families who refused to marry them.

Devil’s Bridge

As you continue your walk, not far from the Platin beach, you will see a natural limestone bridge. Legend has it that in the Middle Ages a fisherman who was lost during a violent storm ran aground with his boat on the reefs at the end of the peninsula and sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for his life. The Devil built him a stone bridge to return to dry land.

Customs Houses

As you approach the Bureau beach, you will pass by the Customs House. You have just done a part of the Sentiers des Douaniers which goes up to the big coast (La Palmyre) 3,4km long. The Maison des Douanes has been restored and has become a space dedicated to the arts and to the contemplation of the coastline, inviting you to escape to the heart of an exceptional site. You will be able to enjoy its wooded garden and its belvedere free of charge and discover one of the most beautiful views of the coastline.


Along the way, you will see these wooden huts on stilts connected to the land by a pontoon. They are called carrelets, after a large square fishing net, called a carrelet. This fishing technique, known as plaice fishing, consists of placing a bait in the centre of the net. The bait is then lowered into the water and when it is submerged, it is lifted quickly and steadily to move the bait. This type of fishing usually takes place at high tide, in shallow waters, and allows you to catch mullet, small sole, crabs, shrimps and even eels depending on the location.

Planet Exotica

Here you are back in Royan, if you still have some strength left why not plan a visit to the Planet Exotica park (or you can plan it for another day). This zoological park will plunge you into a truly exotic world: snakes, crocodiles, dinosaurs, greenhouses, gardens and tropical plants, bonzais or thousand-year-old olive trees. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone will find something to satisfy their desires and curiosity, their thirst to learn or to have fun. Enjoy this park of nearly 8 hectares where you will also find children’s areas, a mini-farm and activities where even the Indians will be present.