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Royan in 1 day

Let’s start the day with the QUARTIER DE PONTAILLAC

Pontaillac is easily recognisable with the Royan casino on the sandy beach. It is a typical beach of the Royannais country with “carrelets” for the fishermen. If you like surfing, this is a very famous spot.

Then take the SENTIER DU LITTORAL to the port of Royan

(45 min walk or 5 min drive)

Great walk along the seafront for total relaxation.

The port and the big wheel

After your walk, you will arrive at the port of Royan. Don’t hesitate to take a ride on the big wheel, which offers a superb panorama of the estuary.

Notre Dame de Royan – not to be missed

This church was built between 1955 and 1958 by the architect Guillaume Gillet, Grand Prix de Rome. It is part of the post-war revival movement and is totally unique.

The silhouette of the church of Notre-Dame de Royan is imposing from afar, whether you arrive by the road to Saintes or whether you leave the coast by the ferry at the Pointe de Grave. With its impressive size and stunning architecture, it is often referred to as a cathedral.

The Royan market is a masterpiece of 1950s architecture

Royan’s Marché Central still looks great half a century after its construction. It underwent a major renovation in 2003, giving a new lease of life to the building, which was listed as a historic monument in 2002.

End your day by discovering the seafront and walking on the beach of the Grande Conche

On the waterfront you will find all the shops you need for shopping.